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April 29th, 2015
6:37am ET

Peter Bain and
Ken Calhoun

Dear Forex Trader,

If you've ever had a hard time capturing winning Forex breakouts, then you need to get up to speed on how to trade advanced Forex entry and exit strategies, fast... Trading breakouts is how many professional currency traders make their living — and now it's your turn to learn how to trade advanced Forex breakouts, too.

Why? Because getting this trading style right is one of the most important skills you need to develop as an active Forex trader. Since our global currency markets are continuing to deliver exceptional volatility to trade, now's a great time to discover advanced tactics for trading Forex breakout "entry and exit" patterns that you can start using immediately, as our 2015 Forex volatility is some of the best we've ever seen for advanced Forex trading.

This special Advanced Forex Breakouts webinar can potentially deliver a breakthrough in your trading skills that can be valuable to you.

Building on what you've already learned about how to trade Forex Breakouts — this special advanced training is particularly useful for adding dozens of new advanced tactics to your "traders' toolbox" of Forex trading skills.

And because we're two of the industry's top-respected traders who can show you how it works, we explain EXACTLY how to trade advanced Forex breakouts step by step, with the help of newly updated tactics for both new and experienced active Forex traders. 

Picture yourself "where you want to be" as a Forex trader... what if you were able to confidently decide where to enter and exit Forex breakout trades (and confirm them with advanced tactics you'll be learning)? Because we've trained thousands of traders over the last decade, we're both experienced professionals who can show you how to do this for yourself... just the way you want it.


Join us together in this special live webinar, because we have years of practical "in the trenches" trading experience to share with you — you'll unleash plenty of very useful new Forex trading strategies you can start using immediately. You'll see for yourself how to scan for, enter and exit Advanced Forex Breakout trades.

And that's what "Advanced Forex Breakouts" is designed to deliver... dozens of practical "how to" precision new Forex breakout trading strategies that can significantly extend what you've already learned about Forex breakouts (this is an excellent way to potentially take your Forex trading skills to 'the next level', because it'll reveal lots of easy-to-use advanced Forex breakout tactics you've never seen anywhere before... until now):

Forex Traders!   If You Want to Unlock All-New Advanced Forex Trading Tactics — Then Discover How to Trade these Powerful Updated ADVANCED Forex Breakout Patterns with Peter and Ken...

Thanks to "Advanced Forex Breakouts", you're about to see EXACTLY how it all works for yourself (this is ideal for Forex traders of all experience levels):

  How to use "Quick Trade" Forex strategies to be able to quickly spot the right entry points... this is ideal for using advanced breakout tactics to help you see how to enter for scalping and rapid swing trading Forex breakouts.

Now you'll see all-new updated "professional-level" trading tactics from Peter and Ken, using practical Forex trading examples you can learn from instantly... at your fingertips.

         How to Use Advanced Breakout Tactics to Enter and Exit Your Forex Trades (these can give you a fast, lethal trading "edge" over other active traders...you're going to like this). You'll see tactics including advanced ATR (Average True Range) and ADX (Average Directional Index) breakout tactics and more, with specific "enhanced" entry tactics as well.

Plus, you'll learn how to harness the power of correctly trading Forex trendline breakouts, the right way... you'll see how these work in these new trading events.
  Accelerated new advanced tactics for "How to avoid false breakouts" that go back down after you enter.   Going beyond the basics, you'll unlock the little-known "false breakout avoidance filters" that experienced traders use.

The big-money pro currency traders have to be good at this skill — now for the first time ever, you'll learn advanced new precision tactics for potentially avoiding the costly false breakouts and reversals that cause expensive, maddening stop-outs.

And you'll also unlock all-new updated "false breakout filters" that can potentially help you avoid these "fakeouts, not breakouts" in your trades. This training alone is "must-see", because it's a vitally important Forex trading skill to get right.
  How to trade recurring Forex breakout patterns.  Some of the very best trading patterns repeat themselves over and over again... now it's your turn to see how these powerful price-action breakout patterns work for yourself.

Plus, you'll also see exactly how to trade precision "trading range and volatility-based" Forex breakout trade setups that you'll want to start using immediately. Discovering how to use volatility scanning strategies like this is one key to potential Advanced Forex Breakouts trading success, and now you've got a front-row seat.
  Scalping Strategies for trading Forex Breakouts — good for both intraday and swing trading Forex entries. Traders often struggle with finding the exact place to enter their trades. If this sounds familiar, then you'll value the scalping tactics you'll be learning with us, to help you potentially improve your ability to spot the specific entry and exit trading setups that make the most sense.

Our goal is to help you trade responsibly, carefully, and successfully every time you put on a new Forex trade. If you've ever wondered how to trade with more confidence, discipline, intelligence and potential success, then you'll be thrilled to learn everything we have to offer in Advanced Forex Breakouts training.

Go ahead and enroll right now, so we can rush your webinar access link to you (includes downloadable video for you to keep after it's over, too)!
Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ):
Question: What type of Forex trader will "Advanced Forex Breakouts" benefit the most?
Answer: We've designed this to be useful for both new and experienced Forex traders. We suggest that you should have some basic understanding of how to trade Forex breakouts first, as a prerequisite. This is designed for both intraday and swing traders. You do not need to be an advanced trader to benefit from "Advanced Forex Breakouts" training, because we break these powerful strategies down into easy-to-understand step by step trading actions that both new and experienced traders can use.
Question: How is this different from your other Forex training?
Answer: In "Advanced Forex Breakouts", we go beyond what we've covered in our earlier basic Forex breakouts training, extending what you may have learned already with new advanced tactics. This training is carefully designed to provide you with dozens of cutting-edge new trading pattern recognition skills that you can use immediately in your own trades.
Question: How are the webinar + video recording delivered?
Answer: Once we receive your order, you'll get your live gotowebinar access email, plus downloadable video link within 24-48 hours after the live webinar.

Question: I took your earlier Forex breakouts training, is this different?
Yes -- in fact the reason we're offering this Advanced Forex Breakouts training is because our first course was so popular, we decided to develop all-new additional Forex breakouts training that adds to and extends upon what we've already revealed. So this is a perfect sequel to the initial training, because we go into even more depth with new strategies, designed to add to what you may have already learned about trading Forex breakouts professionally. The content in this training is different from our initial training, and adds to your knowledge using exciting, powerful new additional trading skills you really need to learn.
Question: How should I prepare for learning and getting the most out of "Advanced Forex Breakouts"?
Answer: We recommend that you take notes as you watch, then paper-trade (practice with a demo account), for each of the specific trading setups you'll be learning with us. Choose 2-3 specific strategies to test out at a time, and as you see how well they can potentially work, develop a simple, easy-to-use trading plan that helps you spot the strongest advanced Forex breakouts, step by step with us.
We look forward to welcoming you to our Advanced Forex Breakouts training!

Good Trading,

Peter Bain
Ken Calhoun


In this special webinar, you'll discover how to trade these "must-see" Forex trading topics:

Forex Trendlines — New Advanced Tactics
- How to confirm that a trendline has been broken
- When and where to pull the trigger
- How far price will travel in the other direction.

"Top Guns of Forex Trading"
- How a certain group of traders have direct influence over price direction (and how you can
   potentially capitalize on this hidden knowledge - fast!)
- How to read their positions and trade accordingly
- How to tell the difference between their Forex positions, hedge funds, and 'dumb money' (plus
  what to do in your own trades, to take advantage of these key differences)

'Quick Trading' Strategies for Active Forex Traders
- How to trade Forex aggressively and quickly
- If you have a "need for speed", you've got to see this
- How to pick the right chart to execute these trades from
- The indicators you must know, to be able to identify the correct entry points

Recurring Forex Patterns (and How to Trade Them)
- There's a certain set of patterns that repeat themselves over and over again; learn how to trade them
- Traders want to know where price is going and how far before it turns (now, you'll know, too!)
- You'll see how to spot these patterns, where to pull the trigger, plus how long to stay in your trades
- Key price patterns that you need to know, to be able to trade Forex correctly

In this powerful new webinar, you'll learn these practical Forex trading topics:

Advanced Forex Swing Trading Strategies
- How to Scan for Forex Trading Breakouts: Finding Your Entries
- Entering After Wide-Range Days: "Breakout Compression" Trades
- Trading with Correlated Pair Relative-Strength Entries

How To Use ATR and ADX for Forex Entries & Exits

- How to Trade with Average True Range (ATR) Breakouts
- Using Average Directional Index (ADX): Advanced Volatility Patterns
- Combining ADX and ATR Signals For Optimal Trade Setups
- Forex Volatility Patterns and How to Trade Them

Forex Scalping with Price-Action Patterns
- Entering with Advanced Cup Patterns: Inside vs Multiday Cups
- Where To Not Trade: How to Avoid False Forex Breakouts
- How to Use Bollinger Band "Slingshot" Breakout Trades
- Advanced Forex Day Trading Tactics: Key Scalping Patterns

Forex Trade Management: "Success Sizing"
- How to Scale In to Winning Trades
- Setting Forex Stops and How To Manage Risk
- Dynamic Forex Trade Management: Dual Entries
- Developing Your Personal Advanced Forex Breakout Trading Plan



Thanks to all for helping make this a success!

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July 2 11:56PM  

"I haven't heard Peter Bain speak before, and I'm anxious to hear from him and perhaps glean something new to add to my trading.  Thanks!" - Viki W.

July 2 10:37PM  

"Being able to know when to get in and when to get out, so I don't lose as often!" - Paul K.

July 2 9:57PM  

"I like that this a possible way to have freedom to what I want." - Brian C.

July 2 9:27PM  

"This presentation sounds really exciting and I look forward to the detailed information on recurring patterns and breakout sling trade techniques. Many thanks to you all!" - Frank G.

July 2 9:25PM  

"Looking forward to learning about how to determine direction of the market, Who's driving the market (hedge funds or big banks) and how to avoid the false breakouts. I know they cannot all be winners, but the more the better !! And if the looser's loose little, its just a cost of business." - Greg M.

July 2 9:17PM  

" I'm a big fan of both Peter and his teaching  FX, especially MACD." - Johny A.

July 2 9:07PM  

"Advanced Forex Breakouts will enable me to have an edge." - J.T.

July 2 9:01PM  

" I enjoy all the webinars/videos. Peter Bain is a great find!!" - Bernard S.

July 2 8:26PM  

"This appears to be an interesting opportunity.  I look forward to seeing all of this." - CS.D.

July 2 8:10PM  

"looking forward to lessons from two of the best teachers i have listened to." - Barton M.

July 2 7:56PM  

"This is really a nobrainer. It dosen't get any better tha this. Two top traders in the same room pouring their knowledge into us. I'm anticipating a great evening." - Tyrone P.

July 2 7:47PM  

"Anything that I can learn about Forex will be helpful
" - Jeff E.

July 2 7:39PM  

"Looking forward to understand the footprints of forex breakouts from fake breakouts" - Alvin W.

July 2 7:06PM  

"Always looking for a method to enter a trade early rather than waiting for a trend to establish itself." - Dwight C.

July 2 7:00PM  

" It is an eye open.Before i hate breakout because it makes me to loss money because of fake breakout.I try all my possible best to know how to trade it but all in vein but this video open my eye about breakout which i believe that has call my interest again.Thanks for good work." - Agu R.

July 2 6:42PM  

" I look forward to learning more about the breakout strategies that will be covered" - Rod H.

July 2 6:33PM  

"To distinguish between a false & real breakout" - Brad J.

July 2 6:17PM  

"It's time to learn another market, Forex." - Tom G.

July 2 5:42PM  

"looking forward to your breakout forex trade webinar.
THANK YOU." - Bill H.

July 2 5:41PM  

"Thank you very much for the invitation the free webinar.  Anything you can teach us will be very much appreciated." - Shirley M.

July 2 5:30PM  

"Just start to deposit money to fund a life account.  Hope to get an extra tool in my toolbox.  Guess this strategy might help." - Jenny

July 2 5:04PM  

"I have read about scalping the Forex market and would be very excited to hear it from the experts in Forex mentoring." - Yao W.

July 2 4:57PM  

"Forex is great for the 24 hour access to watch for breakouts." - Michael T.

July 2 4:53PM  

": I have purchased several of Peter's courses over the years, and all are concise, practical and highly informative.  I expect Advanced Forex Breakouts to be no less." - James G.

July 2 4:53PM  

"I am a relatively new trader and these videos are an invaluable source of knowledge for me,especially the most important entrance to a trade" - John D.

July 2 4:26PM  

"when to get in clear and when to get out clear signal." - Frank

July 2 4:08PM  

"these 2 are ace traders there´s always something to learn from these pros" - Mike T.

July 2 3:59PM  

"As a currency trader (still learning) I crave what this webinar sounds like it will offer." - Mike L.

July 2 3:52PM  

"If the introductions lives up to my expections as I have   experenced in the past this should be a rewarding webinar." - Cecil S.

July 2 3:43PM  

"It will be amazing if I could learn how to filter out false breakouts. Looking forward to Tuesday." - CY

July 2 3:27PM  

"Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun always provide their expert trading knowledge.  I know that the information they will present will be valuable." - Mark A.

July 2 3:22PM  

"I really need help with entering and exiting. I Also need some kind of confidence in expected breakouts. It is not that rare that I do not trust my self." - Ales I.

July 2 3:05PM  

" It seems like the least risky way to trade versus getting chopped up in inside days." - Brian H.

July 2 3:03PM  

"Getting on a trend while its beginning." - T.M.

July 2 3:03PM  

" I would like to know more about how to trade chart patterns." - Sunil S.

July 2 2:57PM  

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July 2 2:35PM  

"i think that breakouts backed by divergences  have a higher probabilities of succeeding" - Paul A.

July 2 2:10PM  

"To learn a method that is profitable and consistent. With emphasis on consistent
" - Ingvar E.

July 2 2:06PM  

"I would like to see if it is possible to learn pattern recognition. My trading would be greatly improved if it can be done." - Paul L.

July 2 1:55PM  

"Learning from real traders who understand the pitfalls and fakeouts that often occur, and show how to minimize these problems." - Barry S.

July 2 1:42PM  

"When I see how professionals trade forex breakouts, it makes me relax more in my trading, thank you." - Ian D.

July 2 1:36PM  

"I don't want to be a victim of false breakouts" - Henry O.

July 2 1:06PM  

"I have being following you over a year your webinar is very educative & is next level" - Idris O.

July 2 1:02PM  

"Ability to read the chart and act on it at time of breakout" - Maraha

July 2 12:49PM  

"I am sure this will make me a better trader" - Ken S.

July 2 12:39PM  

"Breakouts indicate strong momentum and knowing how to trade them is important" - Steve M.

July 2 12:23PM  

"I'm interested to learn your methods of good entries and exit points" - Len

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"Knowing how to determine higher probability breakouts will limit risk." - Tim H.

July 2 12:22PM  

"learning what to look for on the charts for entries and exits" - Al M.

July 2 12:12PM  

"I feel that learning more about breakouts will be valuable in the coming months.  I trade the Euro currency, not Forex, but hope this info will be a heads-up for the currency market as well." - Nancy G.

July 2 11:59AM  

"I can't wait to see what you have" - Jeorge O.

July 2 11:52AM  

" Really hoping to see and test the system. Thanks" - Kyle W.

July 2 11:50AM  

" I started my forex trading journey using a breakout strategy but learned through losses in my account that breakouts were not created equal! It will be interesting to see what these gents have come with especially avoiding the false breakouts that plagued me with my trading." - Jagdish P.

July 2 11:48AM  

"Pease help me with scalping and position trading." - Kevin P.

July 2 11:49AM  

"wow this is an amazing technique i wish will change my trading styles" - Rem S.

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"I am a relatively new trader and these webinars are an invaluable source of knowledge for me,especially the most important entrance to a trade!" - Michael F.

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July 2 11:02AM  

"Anything to help reduce the number of false breakouts would be much appreciated, thanks." - Dana B.

July 2 10:58AM  

"Excited to learn a new skill to increase profits" - Jolenel

July 2 10:55AM  

"Would like to add this strategy to my arsenal from two renowned traders" - Peter K.

July 2 10:46AM  

"The idea is to make more from your trades while limiting losses. This
is what I do now, I've got my blood pressure raised too much and coming out behind on short trades." - Joe M.

July 2 10:46AM  

"Always excited about learning from real traders about strategies that work in current market." - Vladimir G.

July 2 10:27AM  

"Hi Ken, since I know you since your beginnings in the 90's of last century and know u r one of the best educators out there I'm keen on getting on u'r webinar on FOREX b/o. Best wishes," - Thomas P.

July 2 6:38AM  

" I want to learn about precise entry and exit points with good risk reward setups." - Elizabeth G.

July 2 4:50AM  

"I look forward to learning "Quick Trading" strategies and Forex scalping techniques" - Leonid V.

July 1 11:44PM  

"Your examples are straight forward and easy to understand ... much appreciated." - Richard G.

July 1 7:56PM  

"There's never enough education when it comes to reaching your goals." - Don S.

July 1 2:02PM  

" I would love if guys could include the use of the volume indicator as part of the Breakouts Strategy. Do you use it in any of your trading strategies?" - Walter U.

July 1 12:09PM  

" Making money. New to forex. Many Thanks for Sharing" - Koh

July 1 9:18AM  

"New trading technigues that works = more profit!  Yes, I'm in!" - Ruzena K.

July 1 6:43AM  

"I have bought the last video and would like to follow on" - Raymond D.

June 30 10:39PM  

"would like to learn a succesful way to trade Forex." - Rachel K.

June 30 8:53PM  

"I want to learn to consistently bring in weekly profits from trading forex" - Steve G.

June 30 7:06PM  

"I really would like to learn where and when is the right moment to enter in a trade, and where should be my take profit and my stop loss.
I always appreciate your advice." - Salvador D.

June 30 5:49PM  

" I am glad that top two traders joint hands to educate our trading community." - Peter K.

June 30 3:37PM  

"That's gonna be an amazing webinar. Just can not wait for it. I would like to learn more about when and where to pull the trigger, scalping and developing my personal trading plan. Thank you for making us succesful traders!" - Ozzy S.

June 30 3:04PM  

"I have taken a number of forex trading courses but the problem is that all of them have been preoccupied with tiny moves and they completely the big moves completely. I want the big moves" - Ken S.

June 30 11:45AM  

" I'm anxious to learn about being able to distinguish real breakouts from head fakes.  Looking forward to learning more!!" - Greg K.

June 30 11:09AM  

"Really looking forward to learing more on the trend lines and advanced breakouts, I like the idea of seeing befor the fact.....not after!" - Jean R.

June 30 10:14AM  

"What I like best are how to trade recurring Forex breakout patterns and filter fake out. This will improve my trading success significantly." - Ann D.

June 30 9:49AM  

"Cant wait to learn new Forex Stratagies from the masters. False breakouts will be a thing of the past" - O.P.

June 30 9:25AM  

"would like to learn a more successful way to trade USD/CAD" - Mary D.

June 30 12:26AM  

"Another great training and tutorials. Really in a hurry to attend this webinar" - Mike T.

June 29 10:54PM  

" the advance forex break out course give me an edge to know when to get out in profit." - Terry

June 29 8:10PM  

"some determined tyre-kickers persevere,when they gain confidence and become a little financial they return to reinvest in true mentors having sorted the gems from the mud and after finding their way through the dark tangled deceptive forest of FX" - Peter W.

June 29 7:28PM  

" I am excited to learn about how to trade trade breakouts and when to avoid them." - Christopher N.

June 29 7:17AM  

"(I would like) to expand my forex knowledge base ." - DT.

June 29 3:42PM  

"It's fantastic for me to get a opportunity that I can paticipate in the preview webinar. and anticipate for your advanced Forex breakouts..." - Younsook C.

June 29 1:41PM  

"Have been trying to learn to trade Forex for 5 years,  I am close to success.  This should help." - Mike S.

June 29 1:35PM  

"I think it would be great to be able to see the possibabites  of seeing the pattrens form." - Jean R.

June 29 12:49AM  

" I want to learn price action trading." - Nadeem S.

June 29 9:50AM  

"Peter Bain; he is the best teacher of the Forex market out there.  I tell anyone who wants to learn about the Forex you need to start with Peter Bain.  This new course is yet another great way to develop your skills.  Thank you for helping some many traders around the world." - JT.

June 29 8:35AM  

"What I like Best.... Is when a trader is giving that edge he's looking for that will make a difference in his trading and his bank account." - Javier R.

June 29 7:58AM  

"The idea of being able to trade from one chart and were the breakout will accore." - Louis R.

June 29 7:29AM  

"After several years of trying, I still fail at catching the breakout trade consistently. I would very much like to be profitable rather than losing these trades. It looks like this will help me." - Fount S.

June 29 7:15AM  

"I have a lot of respect for Peter and Ken and I think this is a very important and hopefully profitable topic." - Brian S.

June 29 5:05AM  

"This is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to learn exactly how to know how to execute trades from start to finish & learn from 2 of the best educated traders in there field." - Stephen L.

June 29 1:36AM  

"The purpose of leaening the advanced forex breakout is to have clear insight of the market and to confidently trade." - Gopinath B.

June 29 12:51AM  

"It will be great if I could learn how to avoid the "false breakouts"" - Hsiu K.

June 29 12:15AM  

"How to filter false breakout and consistently profit successfully from this strategy." - Vernon

June 28 11:45PM  

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June 28 11:43PM  

"Missed the first session. Can't wait for the next." - Patrick L.

June 28 8:35PM  

"To be a (better) trader, I think it will be begining of my journey in forex" - Jirina K.

June 28 10:59PM  

"Trading trend line breaks is a simple yet powerful strategy , I'm looking forward to learning from the best!" - Ed G.

June 28 10:18PM  

"I would appreciate anything that would help me lift my trading game!" - Brian T.

June 28 9:40PM  

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June 28 9:33PM  

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June 28 8:43PM  

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June 28 8:43PM  

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June 28 8:35PM  

"To be a (better) trader,I think it will be begining of my journey in forex" - Jirina K.

June 28 7:23PM  

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June 28 7:11PM  

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June 28 7:00PM  

"Learning from others is always the quickest path to developing new knowledge, and this looks like some great knowledge transfer" - Tim H.

June 28 6:31PM  

"I am excited to learn how to spot real breakouts and not get taken by false breakouts." - Greg K.

June 28 6:07PM  

"Peter has always shown good, solid trading strategies in the past. Always look forward, to learning something new, from one of the master traders." - Russ R.

June 28 5:36PM  

"I (know) coming from you guys it will be exciting." - Mark R.

June 28 4:56PM  

"I am a long time admirer of yours & everything that I learned is treasured. Also this will be." - Larry G.

June 28 4:25PM  

" i am excited to learn forex breakouts" - Lior S.

June 28 4:24PM  

"More entry and exit idaes would help me. Thanks!!" - Kevin P.

June 28 4:13PM  

"I'm a lover of "break=out" and reversal trading. Perhaps you can add
some additional "horsepower" to my trading!" - Steve T.

June 28 4:09PM  

" Looks like another great webinar from a leader in the industry. Forexmentor will only bring top notch stuff cant wait." - Tim S.

June 28 4:08PM  

"Love to see how your breakout system works" - Nasir

June 28 4:06PM  

"Thanks Peter and Ken,  We are all looking for the edge that your coaching can give us." - John

June 28 4:01PM  

"I like trading forex on 1 hour or 4 hour or day chart." - Glen S.

June 28 3:03PM  

"Peter and Ken are best in the business.One always learns something refreshing from them." - Manish P.

June 28 3:02PM  

" I love the fact that this is coming from two of the world's best Forex experts. Thank you in advance for this kind gesture." - Henry A.

June 28 2:56PM  

" I should think this is the begining of my journey in forex trading" - Gladwell J.

June 28 2:43PM  

"I've always been weary about trading breakouts because it always goes against me." - Rod L.

June 28 2:24PM  

"I may actually make money trading the Forex market! ...hopefully I won't have to sit at my computer waiting for a breakout to occur.  So I would really like the idea of learning about breakouts if there is some kind of real-time scanning built into the program software." - Jay G.

June 28 2:19PM  

"i am so exciting to get my self evolve with the best forex treders, thank you very much." - Adjoudj A.

June 28 2:17PM  

"I have come to respect any product or associsation with Forexmentor as of high quality and practical value.

Combined with DaytradingUniversity, this promises to be packed with the best insight into Forex trading available to retail traders.

Looking forward to the event!!" - Herbert N.

June 28 2:06PM  

"Have (benefited) immensely from all the products I've purchased from your company. Looking forward to the preview of this new course." - Dwight C.

June 28 2:03PM  

"Fast, short trades in and out and not having to stay in the market for long periods." - David M.

June 28 2:00PM  

"learning where to make good quality forex entries and exits" - Jim K.

June 28 1:27PM  

" the best pairs to trade.when to trade them(time of day).online brokerage w/ ECN attach. money mgmt" - Rudy O.

June 28 12:59PM  

"I"m always open for new ways to trade with the trend." - Phil H.

June 28 12:40PM  

" I like Peters work and look forward, to check out the breakout trades." - Matt B.

June 28 12:12PM  

"Learning from 2 of the best in Forex trading, what else can I say?" - Dejan K.

June 28 12:11PM  

"It is the great breakout strategy it is timely and specific" - Gbolabo A.

June 28 12:04PM  

"As always, the opportunity to learn from two experts who are real traders is invaluable" - Doug

June 28 11:53AM  

"I am highly interested in the top gun method, and the false breakout method." - Mark S.

June 28 11:51AM  

"Breakouts have always been a dodgy trade in FX, so having a way to trade them well is appealing." - Charles E.

June 28 11:45AM  

" I am a long time member of ForexMentor and am very impressed of the way trading courses have been run. I have learnt few very useful strategies and would really think having another set of skills to trade breakout is vital to my long term trading success. Looking forward to watching the seminar. Thank you so much!" - Celia T.

June 28 11:42AM  

"To be able to filter out high probability breakouts from false breakouts that frequently occur. Also looking to minimize risk from any false breakout situations and maximize profit on the breakout trades that work out." - Theo K.

June 28 11:40AM  

"came closer to forex lately, and was convinced by Peter's flair in teaching, that despite its complexity, in FOREX knowledge can be distilled... appreciate !" - Franco V.

June 28 11:40AM  

"If one knows how to take advantage of the Forex Breakouts especially in Advance, but follow the rules, then a trader either beginner or advanced can be successful." - George N.

June 28 11:39AM  

"wow...after struggling for soo long, i am finally going to hear what i want to learn..i know Peter Bain is the best.. and am saving up to buy his course now. and if he is linked up with Ken Calhoun, then he must be awesome too.....thanks guys and i will be here next tuesday!!... i cant wait to get this training. .i have been waiting a long time to finally get consistent in forex.." - Drew B.

June 28 11:38AM  

"Learning Advanced Forex Breakouts will definitely enhance my entry skills. I've waited forever to seize an opportunity like this. I just can't miss it for anything in the world." - Tunji A.

June 28 11:34AM  

" The world continues to deal with the biggest crisis since the Great Depression and I’m very much excited about opportunity  to learn more with  Advanced Forex Breakouts .Thank you" - Stela P.

June 28 11:33AM  

"Make the impossible possible and even beyond..." - Asimuz W.

June 28 11:24AM  

"Very interested in learning to successfully trade breakouts." - Jeremy G.

June 28 11:14AM  

" I would like to understand exactly how the smart money moves in comparison with the dumb money." - Eng Thai G.

June 27 11:37PM  

"I am getting through my Forex Breakouts course.  It is excellent: to the point, professionally delivered, and very practical.  I am sure that the Advanced Forex Breakouts will be as good or better because it is delivered by Ken and Peter.  I trust Ken and hence I trust others who are introduced or recommended by Ken." - Jersey K.

June 25 2:38PM  

" I only know one way to enter a breakout.  Any additional techniques would certainly be an asset to a trader's inventory." - Jim F.

June 25 12:11PM  

"New trading techniques - not the standard technical analysis." - Andrew M.

June 24 5:29PM  

"prospect of being able to trade  with high confidence level; the ability to predict early enough major trend breakout with highest possible accuracy" - Ayodeji A.

June 23 5:12PM  

"...hopefully your new webinar's will carry on with new ideas." - Peter A.

June 23 5:12PM  

"The key is the ability to filter out false breakouts." - Sue T.

June 23 5:12PM  

"I have always valued your presentations for their clarity and applicability." - Tom S.

June 23 3:20PM  

"I bought your initial Forex Breakouts webinars/downloads:  their quality and usefulness were impressive!  I certainly want to learn more and expect Advanced Forex Breakouts to provide that." - Jen L.

June 23 10:37AM  

"You've covered most of the important aspects of FX trading that I wanted to learn for a long time." - George L.

June 23 9:59AM  

"Longing to learn from Ken & Peter for more technique to trade forex profitable." - Cheung M.

June 23 4:23AM  

"To be able to master Advanced Forex Breakout will surely make any forex trader more focused and profitable in his trading. Looking forward to preview and check out course to be offered." - Tuck W.

June 23 3:16AM  

"It is an additional system to my daytrading strategy." - Kelvin K.

June 22 11:40PM  

"it's reassuring to know integrity can can still exist in the the forex arena." - Grant S..

June 22 10:27PM  

"It certainly would make life easier, specially IF it really worked AND be affordable." - Zaiby A.
Reply from Ken: Great point, Zaiby -- and I agree. This training will be extremely affordable, unlike the marketer-"gurus" who overcharge $1997 type prices. That's why our training is popular...it's affordable and delivered by two trusted industry pros. See you in the webinar!

June 22 8:36PM  

"After losing Thousands trying the "Gurus" I'm looking to learn from professionals to help recoup my losses & get in front" - Peter S.

June 22 6:56PM  

"I really liked Entries and Exits part because its really a crucial part if it help me more in the patterns i use, also trend lines how really to draw them and when to consider a real breakout because i think trend lines can give a pretty nice profit." - Luay K.

June 22 6:32PM  

" Finally becoming successfull in generating a consist income from Forex." - Larry W.

June 22 6:24PM  

" Hi Guys, what I like best is that we are learning from two of the best teachers in the business and you can trust that the strategies are work.Can"t wait." - Alwyn W.

June 22 3:57PM  

"It would be nice to have another tool in my tool box for handling trade opportunities, esspecially in forex where false breakouts occur much more often, misleading you." - Gil A.

June 22 3:48PM  

"hi peter and ken,  i bought your materials before and it was well worth it, again am looking for nothing but the best from the both of you. Thanks again and again for putting out such high level materials which constantly adds to my wallet." - John B.
Reply from Ken: Thank you, John...it's always great to hear that the materials were well worth it. It's because of traders like yourself that we work hard to provide the best Forex training we can. See you in the webinar.

June 22 1:03PM  

"I always like to see Peter Bains presentation and this time see his advanced Forex Breakout technique" - Nasir

June 22 11:31AM  

"Will show high rate of profitable trades, entry and exit." - Norm

June 22 11:09AM  

"Forex traders too often get caught in the "false breakout".  I'm looking forward to your "Advanced Forex Breakouts" webinar." - John O.

June 22 9:48AM  

"It would appear to be more relevant than the usual offering and therefore well worth the effort." - William L.

June 22 9:23AM  

" I belive that Peter and Ken are two of the best in the bisness.The disc were just my starting point.I still need more." - Louis R

June 22 9:10AM  

"it will be exicting to learn the exact art of drawing a trend line and learning about pattern that we make profits" - Jamshed B.

June 22 8:32AM  

"Everyone needs a slight advantage to pull the trigger." - Jon K.

June 22 8:28AM  

"be great to learn high probability low risk entries" - Jim K.

June 22 7:18AM  

"Great opportunity to learn how to recognise the difference between a real and false break out." - Dale A.

June 22 7:04AM  

"would like to learn proper entry, exit and target profit using ATR during forex breakouts and also want to learn if the breakout is false or not." - Marilyn S.
Reply from Ken: Thanks for writing in, Marilyn... and that's one of the primary goals of Advanced Forex Breakouts — to help traders be able to see the difference in potential genuine breakouts compared to false breakouts... and be able to trade the best breakouts with the strongest price action moves and follow-through.

June 22 7:01AM  

"hi peter and ken. I always have trouble with trend strength." - Frank B.

June 22 6:46AM  

"MY trading time is limited.I want to enter the market using a considered plan,make pips and exit quickly using a considered plan." - Charles L.

June 22 5:38AM  

"Like to learn he advance treatment of different patterns, and also the breakout" - Arthur P.

June 22 5:53AM  

"I'm looking forward to Advanced Forex Breakouts because it will improve my trading a lot." - Dir A.

June 22 5:38AM  

"Peter Bain have been my mentor and I know the stuff shall profit anyone that participate." - Sam A.

June 22 4:25AM  

"Peter Bain has be my best mentor and anything coming from him, i close my eyes and follow him because i know he is always excellent.
in short God brought him for me." - Kareem O.

June 22 4:06AM  

"Based on my initial experience trading Forex, it appears that breakouts occur quite frequently and seem to be easy to trade. In my demo account, I have been able to bank some pips using just this strategy.  I would like to develop a solid understanding of this strategy and increase confidence to put on a trade when I see the right pattern." - Leonid V.

June 22 2:26AM  

"A breakout specialist+ a top forex coach= This one has to be a winner!" - Juha

June 22 2:11AM  

" i think this is for us who are new to fx. God bless you for coming up with such a brilliant idea i hoping to gain alot from the gurus." - Mathias K.

June 22 12:47AM  

"Thanks once again Peter, I will like to be " a professional scalper"" - Emelike U.

June 21 11:58PM  

"(I'm) interested to know how it work" - James H.

June 21 11:52PM  

"I would really enjoy seeing how to avoid fake breakouts, in both intraday and swing trades..." - Greg M.

June 21 11:37PM  

"break-outs can lead into explosive profits,when the market picks up again" - Hans H.

June 21 11:32PM  

"I am hoping to achieve a consistent method of trading breakouts-where to enter, where to exit and at what times on which currency pairs." - Ben D.

June 21 11:14PM  

"Been followin Peter for some time and more i learn the better equiped ill be to take on the markets keep up the the good work guys" - Pete C.

June 21 11:07PM  

"Cant wait for the Advanced Forex Breakouts , I'm sure it will be a winner." - O.P.

June 21 11:01PM  

"Two master mentors on pattern trading, can only be good.." - Auret T.

June 21 10:42PM  

"the strategies are simple and easy to implement into an already existing trading strategy." - David A.

June 21 10:41PM  

"Golden opportunity to learn how the real professionals tackle breakouts
and many other Forex issues. This I feel will certainly improve my confidence and success rate." - Alan O.
Reply from Ken: That's an excellent point you're making as well, is that learning from professionals (vs the amateurs who are selling Forex stuff online), can potentially help with confidence and success in trading. We'll see you in the webinar, Alan - thanks for writing in.

June 21 10:32PM  

"To be able to learn how to spot potential breakouts so I can catch a good move and not be on the losing side as often." - Paul K.

June 21 10:29PM  

"I have been trading trendline breaks with mixed success.  Looking fwd to seeing how the professionals do it." - John D.

June 21 10:04PM  

"Today was a great example of selling rallies and buying reversals in a strong trend as you had explained in previous web casts." - Dick F.

June 21 9:54PM  

"Tired of being stopped out on the breakouts! Show me the way!" - Manuel C.

June 21 9:49PM  

"Haven't been very successful with breakouts so far, so looking forward to learn more. Thanks." - Bert A.

June 21 9:43PM  

"Learning what to look for in a pair, i.e., strength, weakness, pattern,etc., per putting the odds in my favor." - Evette J.

June 21 9:24PM  

"to see if i can add to my trading something that could be an option and opportunity" - Stan

June 21 9:05PM  

"Additional skill so we do not have to wait too long if we have to stick to one strategy." - Bakhri S.

June 21 8:52PM  

"I need to find away to put a plan together that I can trade profitably. The two of you are about as good as training can get. I look forward to learning more." - Mike S.

June 21 8:49PM  

"trading with the trend on the 1 hr. and 4 hr chart is most important" - Phil

June 21 8:46PM  

"I learned about forex from Peter's course.I also have the RFP course which is an excellent addition to my trading I got from Peter.This advanced knowledge would be the cherry on top.Thank you...God bless" - Shashi K.

June 21 8:13PM  

"I'm tired hearing about blindly following indicators without understanding what the charts are saying to us! Can't wait to view the presentation." - Rich K.

June 21 8:03PM  

"the words ' new','hidden' & 'precision 'tell me something useful to expect" - King C.

June 21 7:46PM  

"Ok, let me at it Peter.  Bring on the best you've got to offer." - Noel D.

June 21 7:36PM  

"Like to see how to stay a short time only in markets." - Santia B.

June 21 7:32PM  

"I would like to learn how to draw a correct trendline and know my exits" - Steve K.

June 21 7:28PM  

"Looking forward to learning more from Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun on how to use "Quick Trade" Forex strategies to be able to quickly spot the right entry points!" - Edward B.

June 21 7:18PM  

"Peter Bain was my first forex coach, and the first trading coach I met with ethics. Always interested in what you have to offer, Peter!" - Erron A.

June 21 7:00PM  

"I've been trying to catch a good breakout trade for over a year (unsuccessfully). If this can do what you say, it will be wonderful." - Fount S.

June 21 6:55PM  

"The best time to trad the forex  on the 15min and or the 60min." - Antonio M.

June 21 6:04PM  

"want to learn about advance forex breakouts and that would be great with Two of my favorite mentor of forex." - Salman S.

June 21 5:50PM  

"It sounds like the attendees will, in the end, have an edge on those
who are not attending this webinar! Excellent! That's what it's all about!" - Stephen T.

June 21 5:27PM  

"I have a full tme job-I'm interested in longer term holds/swingtrades-not interested in getting whipsawed!" - Jim D.
Reply from Ken: Good point, Jim...a lot of our traders have fulltime jobs and can't be in front of the computer a lot. The Advanced Forex Breakouts training will cover both swing trading/longer term holds as well as intraday scalping and other strategies... so it's designed to help all types of Forex traders.

June 21 5:06PM  

"looking to learn more about the breakout trading techniques" - William H.

June 21 4:49PM  

"Always willing to learn something new from the best." - Kathy M.

June 21 4:34PM  

"I found the first session enjoyable and informative. I look forward to a follow up. Thank you." - Raymond D.

June 21 4:18PM  

"I think breakouts offer excellent profit opportunities and are underused by most traders and I would like to increase mmy knowledge of this technique." - Paul P.

June 21 3:52PM  

"Understanding price action e.g when there is a change of the trend will make a difference to my trading." - Julie M.

June 21 3:45PM  

"Any advanced help in Forex trading will be be appreciated. Looking forward to see your breakout stradagy. Thanks" - John T.

June 21 3:14PM  

"To reduce my losses, and give me some hope of making money in this area." - Bill R.

June 21 2:53PM  

"hi member past of peter bain.I what to know the best way to find strenght of a trend." - Frank

June 21 2:31PM  

"Im looking forward to more setups in the forex market using the advanced forex breakout model" - Norm S.

June 21 1:43PM  

"I have learnt before of forex breakout trading strategy from peter bain,i have to say it really improved my trading knowledge.I  think combining it with ken calhoun will take me to moon and two of them are big geniuse trader which i am waiting to learn this new advance strategy To improve my skills further." - Udo U.

June 21 1:40PM  

"I have enjoyed the previous webinar and the wealth of information on both the Breakout DVD's. Ken Calhoun's webinars are always informative and there is enough content that one actually learns something that they could put in to practice the next trading day unlike some power point webinars where the focus is on selling their latest and greatest product." - Wayne B.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Wayne. I agree — with all the bs in the forex industry, it's important to learn from people who actually teach and train, vs always trying to upsell stuff. Glad to hear the earlier breakout training has been genuinely useful... we'll be going into new areas and techniques with the advanced training.

June 21 1:37PM  

"Two of my favorite teachers of forex." - George P.

June 21 1:12PM  

"Because I am fed-up with getting it wrong and stop loss'ing out!!" - Richard T.

June 21 12:54PM  

"always wanted to learn about forex breakouts" - Jeff E.

June 21 12:48PM  

"I am very interested in learning the Advanced breakout system. I would like to include it in my arsenal." - Enrique Z.

June 21 12:42PM  

"to Learn from two respected traders, that will help me to develop my own skills and confidence; with new advanced tactics that i can add to my "toolbox" - Tom C.

June 21 12:27PM  

"I can always use more of this stuff -- Ken Calhoun has given me a great whole approach to trading that I can actually do from A to Z and I've learned that I'd better pick up on whatever webinars he's putting out there." - Lee J.

June 21 12:27PM  

"Really looking forward to the advanced tactics from two world trading educational professionals." - Chris L

June 21 12:22PM  

"I am sure that it will be a top quality presentation." - Patrick L.

June 21 12:18PM  

"I would very much like to be able to identify a true breakout and a fake one." - Brian W.

June 21 12:12PM  

"I am looking forward to an other valuable webinar to learn how to differentiate between false and real breakouts for consistent profits." - Kate X.

June 21 12:09PM  

"Can't wait to hear what these two great educators have in store for us on this webinar. I'll call in sick if I have to, just to be there. Don't want to wait for the replay." - Russell L.

June 21 11:59AM  

" I would like to learn more about scalping." - Kevin P.

June 21 11:57AM  

"where to set your stops and targets. Using multiple time frames . which indicators to use ? How to trade with the market makers . Money managements technics . Pivots or fibos which time frames ? How to scalp in intraday charts ? How to set trades and walk away from the screen ." - Zoltan T.

June 21 11:40AM  

"I would like to see if this breakout happens with the 4hr 1hr 15min line up to be able to take breakout on 5min." - Gary S.

June 21 11:39AM  

"Confidence that you are behind a good sized move" - David C.

June 21 11:38AM  

"To increase my odds at being a winner!" - Wendy P.

June 21 11:25AM  

"I am sure that learning Advanced Forex Breakouts would increase the chances to trade forex more professionally." - Johny A.

June 21 11:19AM  

"I highly appreciate to master breakout from renown experienced trader. I see breakout as the essential part of trading since it is the beginning of each move and the most importanrt in estimating potential move continuation. Thanks and best regards" - Mile S.

June 21 11:10AM  

"There's no one better to learn about advanced forex breakouts than by Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun" - Joel A.

June 21 11:09AM  

"How to improve improve consistency and profitability in trading." - Harry S.

June 21 11:06AM  

"The best thing about learn this Advanced Forex Breakouts is that it is very judgmental when executing the trade" - Wan Z.

June 21 10:57AM  

" I can't wait to learn more about this amazing concept." - Bob L.

June 21 10:51AM  

"It is very interesting to have Peter and Ken disposed to unravel "Advanced Forex Breakouts" to fellow traders. That is where the pips are. Waiting with enthusiasm... Thank you!" - Nausting N.

June 21 10:50AM  

"breakouts from support & resistance levels, irrespective of angles
is an essential way to trade" - Brian A.

June 21 10:46AM  

" I am excited to learn how to gauge the strength of the pairs and to take advantage of powerful breakouts." - Greg K.
Reply from Ken: Good point, Greg... being able to quickly gauge relative strength of breakout Forex pairs, and set entries and exits consistently, is one of the key goals for Advanced Forex Breakouts. What's exciting is that we'll be showing advanced strategies that are unique and useful for taking advantage of the best breakouts, by combining several advanced tactics into one useful approach.

June 21 10:44AM  

"Looking forward to your AdvancedForexBreakouts. I have been with you several years and always learn something new. Thanks Again.." - Perry S.

June 21 10:32AM  

" Thanks for coming with this webinar at these time. Anything coming from Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun is the best... Thanks guys" - Ayodeji O.

June 21 10:27AM  

"Learning from 2 of the best in the business" - Pattie L.

June 21 10:19AM  

"(I like) the ability to trade more profitably." - Martin D.

June 21 10:05AM  

"Two biggest names in forex, not to be missed." - Jobey B.

June 21 10:01AM  

"I already know some breakout techniques. I also saw some of your videos and webinars. So I really hope, that you have something new..." - Ken B.
Reply from Ken: Right, Ken... the good news is that we're developing all-new content for Advanced Forex Breakouts, featuring current examples to learn from in today's markets. With updated new strategies and step-by-step advanced tactics, this is training that goes beyond what we've done before... we're confident that it'll become valued as "must-have" training for active Forex traders.

June 21 9:41AM  

"being able to tell between false breakouts and the real ones" - Gerry S.

June 21 9:26AM  

"I like the idea of being able to profit from the sudden surge in the direction of the market. Every time I attend a webinar, or buy a DVD, I get something that I can incorporate immediately in my trading. I'm looking forward to another GREAT event." - Edwin M.

June 21 9:17AM  

"I'm a big fan of both Peter and Ken. When they teach FX, especially Breakouts you know you need to listen up and take notes. Their webinars are the real deal !!!" - Richard B.

June 21 9:15AM  

"I always appreciate your clear and fully illustrated presentations." - Eusebio N.

June 21 9:13AM  

"I really would like to learn the proper way of drawing trendlines and some advanced trading strategies." - Lou S.

June 21 8:49AM  

"If making money is important, learn from Peter and Ken for the best Forex trading ideas." - Joe N.

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